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Stilicho’s sarcophagus, Sant’Ambrogio (detail)

tilicho's sarcophagus

probably the only part of the original paleochristian basilica still in place


Cacofonico, un po’ scontato, non molto originale,


anyway, interesting n-p colors in a not too cold winter night


catalpa bignonioides

Catalpa bignonioides ‘Walt’- albero dei sigari

Pare piacesse molto al Manzoni

Web: Giardini Guastalla

Map: Google

See more paintings (almost all, in full color) in the GAM website. This is just a B&W image from a photograph I took last summer…

angelo morbelli

La Stazione Centrale (di Milano), oil on canvas, 1887, 58×100. See in full color from official web.


Milano, Cimitero Monumentale


The tomb of Ernesto Bazzaro is situated near the Crematorium in West Cinerary Gardens; his bronze Self-portrait is set upon a simple stele bearing this epitaph:

bazzaro tomb

Here Ernesto Bazzaro ashes – once flame of genius, eternal glory of Lombardic sculpture – are collected.

Bazzaro is represented in many sculptural works at the Cemetery, as we can see for example in the Alfredo Lombardi memorial,

Exhaustion –  1894 – Section XVIII


Opening Hours (Monday Closed):

Tuesday to Sunday
8.00AM to 6.00PM
Access allowed until 30 minutes to closing time
1st January
Easter Monday
1st May
2nd June
15th August
8th, 25th and 26th December
From 8.00AM to 1.00PM

Tuesday, November 29th, from 19:30 PM to 23:00 PM free admission to Brera Art Gallery (and Cenacolo Vinciano, but this one apparently sold out).

Some ideas about what to see and where to go while you are in Milan, want to see something interesting and don’t want to spend too much money. Ready to go ?

Let’s start with the Castle

Sala delle Asse: any trace of Leonardo here?

Galli's Madonna Lia

Free Entry on Friday (2:00PM to 5:00PM)

…and, maybe, each day after Half Past Four