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Ninfeamus, Lainate 2016

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San Gottardo in Corte, Milano, Azzone Visconti Memorial

azzone visconti's memorial remainings

Santuario di Saronno (Va)

serliana or palladian window

Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Miracles

Saronno, Santuario

santuario saronno sanctuary bernardino luini maybe himself

Saronno, Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Miracles




giuseppe parini monument

Monument’s base: Luca Beltrami (1898)

Bronze statue: Luigi Secchi.

Inaugurated in 1899, on the hundredth anniversary of the death.

As a sculptor, he experimented with materials like stone, metals, ceramics, and neon.

As a painter he attempted to transcend the confines of the two-dimensional surface (not only) cutting canvas.

Maybe we could define him painptor or sculpter

See him in Gallerie d’Italia, Milan, Piazza Scala