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Last two August weeks tour of the Monumental Cemetery in Milan for individuals, couples and groups up to eight people, 40 Euro. Contacts at 340-5766437 or – also possible visits to other tourist spots in and around Milan

Solo le ultime settimane di agosto, visite guidate al Cimitero Monumentale di Milano per 40 Euro, previsti gruppi da due a otto persone.

Lasciare un sms o chiamare 340-5766437 (no anonimi) o inviare una mail a

A blue and gold angel suspended in a white and grey granite square

chinelli_tomb lucio fontana 1949

Lucio Fontana made it in 1949, just back from South America

After changing some attributes to a picture, a Lucio Fontana’s sculpture takes a totally new form.

decomposizioneFontanaCimitero Monumentale di Milano, Chinelli Memorial

West Loggia, Niche 5, Sculptor Romolo Del Bò (Pavia 1870 – Milano 1936)

dolcini memorial romolo del bò

Del Bò between Barzaghi and Wildt

Allegoria del lavoro

enrico butti





Infinito ?

Edicola Besenzanica, Besenzanica Tomb, 1912

Butti said through work, man senses his relation to the eternal mother of all things.

Anyway, sooner or later a work has to finish, as life does.

See the picture for details







From Tuesday to Sunday 8.00 am – 6.00 pm

Except New Year’s day – Easter Monday and Sunday – 1st May  2nd June  – 15th August  – 8th 25th 26th December 8.00 am – 1.00 pm

Closed on monday


Between 1900 and 1901, the Commission approved Ernesto Bazzaro project for Stefano Branca tomb, with a woman representing a soul ascending to the sky.

edicola branca

The original monument was removed in 1908 due to polemics about it, the actual Pietà by Michele Vedani seems static even if probably more suitable for this kind of place.


Milano, Cimitero Monumentale


In the West Circuit (31-33), you can find the Memorial of Giuseppe Mengoni; the unlucky architect of the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery died when he fell down from the scaffolding the opening’s eve, at the end of 1877. The author of the memorial is Francesco Barzaghi (1839 – 1892), teacher at the Brera Academy and author of several statues and monuments around the city: Francesco Hayez near Brera and Napoleone III at Sempione Park, just to mention a couple of them.


Near the architect’s you can see the statue of his daughter, who died in 1880, just three years old.

The tomb of Ernesto Bazzaro is situated near the Crematorium in West Cinerary Gardens; his bronze Self-portrait is set upon a simple stele bearing this epitaph:

bazzaro tomb

Here Ernesto Bazzaro ashes – once flame of genius, eternal glory of Lombardic sculpture – are collected.

Bazzaro is represented in many sculptural works at the Cemetery, as we can see for example in the Alfredo Lombardi memorial,

Exhaustion –  1894 – Section XVIII