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The tomb of Ernesto Bazzaro is situated near the Crematorium in West Cinerary Gardens; his bronze Self-portrait is set upon a simple stele bearing this epitaph:

bazzaro tomb

Here Ernesto Bazzaro ashes – once flame of genius, eternal glory of Lombardic sculpture – are collected.

Bazzaro is represented in many sculptural works at the Cemetery, as we can see for example in the Alfredo Lombardi memorial,

Exhaustion –  1894 – Section XVIII


Enrico Butti (1847-1932) has taken his inspiration from a work of L. Bartolini in  Santa Croce, Florence. Isabella Airoldi died very young in 1889 he was only 24 years old. You can see her here in the cemetery, still sleeping and dreaming of death. Angels come to the Earth from the sky and take her to paradise.

Photo taken before restoration