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Can You see the Saint up in the sky?

Corso Garibaldi, not far from railway station


Interior detail: the Monk

santa maria incoronata - the monk

Corso Garibaldi 116 Milano

O Simon mago, o miseri seguaci
che le cose di dio, che di bontate
deon essere spose, e voi rapaci
per oro e per argento avolterate,
or convien che per voi suoni la tromba,
però che ne la terza bolgia state


O Simon Magus, o miserable followers
that the things of God, that of goodness
ought to be the brides, rapaciously
for silver and for gold adulterate,
Now must for you the judgment trumpet sound,
since you are doomed here in the third fosse

sant'alessandro church milanInside the church

santuario di saronno

Concert in San Simpliciano

One of the four basilicas built by Saint Ambrose after 374 AD on the roads leading out of the city and thus forming a cross

Program of the concert (Wolfgang Zerer. organo):

Johann Ludwig Krebs – Preludio e fuga in do maggiore

Johann Sebastian Bach  – “Dies sind die heiligen zehn Gebot” BWV 678

Fughetta super “Die sind die heiligen zehn Gebot” BWV 679

“Wir glauben all en einen Gott” BWV 680

Krebs?/Bach? “Wir glauben all an einen Gott” 2Clav e Ped.

Johann Ludvig Krebs – Fantasia à gusto italiano

Johann Sebastian Bach – Sonata in sol maggiore BWV 530

Johann Ludvig Krebs – “Herzlich lieb hab ich dich, o Herr” a 2 Clav e Ped.

Johann Sebastian Bach Toccata, adagio e fuga in do maggiore BWV 564


Ticket 10 Euro


basilica virginum, one of the four built after 374 AD by saint ambrose

In the nuns’ choir, a chapel with frescoes telling us the history of Noè and the arch. This detail shows also the grottesche.

san maurizio al monastero maggiore milano

The Monastero Maggiore church was built between 1503 and 1518, probably under design of Gian Giacomo Dolcebuono. It is divided into two sectors, one opened to the faithful, and te other only for the nuns.


Completed in 1530 by Cristoforo Lombardo, the dome is 49.7 meters high and 23 meters wide, with grottesca motifs.

santa maria della passione - the dome

Santa Maria della Passione – via Conservatorio 14 – 20122 Milano – Opened Monday to Sunday from 7:45 AM to 12:00 and from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm – No visits allowed during Holy Mass.